Products I Love!


While Shirataki noodles are widely available in supermarkets, I have yet to find a similar product shaped into grains of rice at any physical store. I must say – what a difference a shape makes! It’s delightful to dry-skillet fry them and use them in lieu of rice for a super low carb rice stand-in. You have to get them by the case, but my case didn’t last too long…..

Maintenance Fueling Products

  • Fit Frappe

I just discovered this amazing protein powder product, which is just perfect for me to get 60 healthy, nutritious calories into my body with 10g protein and 11g carbs, within 30 minutes of waking up (which is just one of a lifetime of healthy habits I have learned to keep the weight OFF!). This amazingly low calorie, healthy protein powder that can be drunk hot, cold, slushied, you name it! And it’s absolutely delicious! It’s called Fit Frappe. So far, I’ve tried Mocha flavor and its just like having a fancy Starbucks Mocha drink in the morning. It’s also available in Vanilla and Espresso. The Vanilla really tastes super similar to the Medifast Calorie Burn Cappuccino.


There are many gadgets that will help you enjoy your meal prep even more. Once you’re on plan for a while, you’ll want to “mix it up!”

Do you want perfectly prepared eggs that are foolproof in 10 minutes? This was you can pop them in a baggie and have egg whites whenever you need – even on the go? This device is the answer. Just place them inside the Chefman with a premeasured amount of water, plug it in, and the timer beeps when its ready. Perfect for my crazy lifestyle!